Natural Labor Pain Management

Childbirth is a long-awaited and terrifying phase of pregnancy. After nine months of being pregnant, most women will most likely be anxiously awaiting labor. Childbirth is generally a rather painful and uncomfortable experience. Despite this discomfort and labor pain, the following labor tips will help to ease the process. Natural labor pain management is possible with various drug-free techniques.

Labor pain management

Rhythmic Breathing Techniques

This is a very popular natural labor pain management technique. It is generally taught in childbirth or "lamaze" classes. This type of breathing also helps to conserve energy for the duration of labor.

As labour continues, various techniques may be alternated. Trying different labor pain management techniques can be done at any point throughout labor.

Cleansing Breath - Contractions should start and finish with a cleansing breath. For example, just as a contraction begins, a deep breath should be taken in through the nose, and exhaled just as long as the inhale through the mouth. The same should be done at the end of the contraction after rhythmic breathing has been performed.

Slow Breathing During Early Labor - During early labor, the contractions should be manageable. In this case, slow rhythmic breathing should be helpful. Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth at a comfortable rate should do the trick.

Shallow Breathing Technique - As labor progresses, shallow breathing may be quite helpful. These are generally performed using the "hee-hee-hee-hoo" method. Any ratio of "hee's" to "hoo's" can be done, such as 3:1 or 4:1. Whatever feels most comfortable should be done. It is important to remember to take a cleansing breath just before and after this breathing technique.

It is important to be careful not to hyperventilate. Dizziness or losing consciousness means that not enough oxygen is being taken in. The breaths in should be equal to the breaths out.

Listening To Music

Music helps to deal with pain by distraction. Studies suggest that enjoyable and soothing music can actually delay the requirement for pain relief.

Set Up a Relaxing Atmosphere

Creating a relaxing environment can help to deal with labor pain. Dimming the lights, playing soft music, or lighting candles should accomplish this. Aromatherapy can soothe the senses by using scented candles or burning oils.

Pressure Points

Applying firm pressure to certain parts of the body can reduce the sensation of pain. It important to learn what and where these pressure points are prior to using them. Certain acupressure points can naturally induce labor, which is why it is important not to use them before the 38th week of pregnancy. Seeking professional advice on acupressure would be a wise idea.

Birthing Aids

Sitting upright, walking or bouncing on a birthing/exercise ball can help to ease the pain of labor. This can sometimes be the most comfortable position for the mother. In addition, this position can help the baby descend into the birth canal, therefore pushing labor along.

Shower or Warm Bath

Standing or sitting in the shower can be very soothing. The pressure of the water stream can be pointed at certain areas of the body to act as pressure application. Sitting in a bathtub can take the weight and pressure off the mother's body during labor, which can be quite relaxing. Complete submersion in the water, however, is not recommended during early labor since the water can dilute the concentration of oxytocin in the mother's body, which is what helps bring labor along.


Some women may choose to grunt, sing, or make any other sounds that her body feels comfortable making. Sometimes this vocalization can help deal with the pain associated with labor. Moaning and groaning seem to be unavoidable when one is in deep discomfort.

Not all natural labor pain management techniques work for everyone. During labor, a variety of techniques may be used and alternated.

Labor pain management


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